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SMC Water Tank

SMC Water Tank Panel Size

1. SMC moulded singal board specifications (If need other specifications we can chatting) 1000x1000mm, 1000x500mm, 500x500mm. 2. Thickness: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, the thinkness is 5mm signal board is used for water tank cover plate. 3. SMC moulded water tank is measure up GB5749-85 4. Capacity: 0.125m³ ~ 5000m³

GRP Water Tank Hot Sale Why Want to Buy ? Come on

What is SMC GRP FRP Water Tank 1. Sheet Molding Compound is a fiber-reinforced material, which consists primarily of a thermosetting resin glass fiber. 2. SMC is a high tech material that is used in the manufacturing process in most of our products ranges. 3. The advantage of SMC include, high impact compressive, flexural and tensile strength along with temperature stability. 4. SMC has low profile, low shrink for excellent surface appearance and painting.It's color pigmentable and has excellent chemical and electrical resistance varied to provide insulation, conductivity or anti static properties.

stainless steel tank fabrication

In the processing of stainless steel tank fabrication, we need to really do a good job in all aspects of can guarantee all things which are very well.Whether in the whole process, how can we get to do a good job of stainless steel processing.For stainless steel tank, find a better way to do things on the whole, the whole process can be guaranteed.  in the process of production, we must pay attention to the details that really focus on the overall situation.Many places in the whole processing of time ignore the actual situation of each aspect, let oneself in the whole process to better accomplish specific things are very good.