The hot dipped galvanized steel water tank is defers to the GB code 92SS177 manufactured new type water tank. The manufacture and the installment of tank have no influence of the construction. There are not needed the welding apparatus, the surface is hot dipped galvanize antiseptic treatment. It€™s artistic durable, prevents two times pollution to water quality and it beneficial to human health. The water tank meets the construction product standardization, the serration and the factorization request.

This product uses the Q235 steel plate, ramming to1000*1000 and the 1000*500 standard plate, the peripheral drill hole, undergoes hot dipped galvanized processing. When it assembles between the standard plate clamps use the rubber packing and bold fastening.

This product is suitable for the construction water storing, the regulating tank, heating system’s inflation water tank, the condensate tank as well as the building construction, the geological prospecting, the industry, the defense project and so on temporarily store water tank.

This water tank volume has 24 kinds specifications, select for the design. The engineer also can design according to the water tank’s length, width, high then factory assembles.

The inlet pipe, the outlet pipe, the overflow caliber and the position of water tank is depends on the designing. All around the water tank should have no less than 700mm channels, the bottom and the cover should no less than 600mm. When it installed, the bottom and all around between the bottom standard plate’s joins must be located on the support.

galvainzed water tank proiect

Standard Thickness for 1.22m x 1.22m Tank Panel:

 Type 1.22m(H) 2.44m(H) 3.66m(H) 4.88m(H)
4th   side panels 5mm
3rd   side panels 5mm 5mm
2nd   side panels 5mm 5mm 5mm
1st   side panels 5mm 5mm 5mm 5mm
Bottom   panels 5mm 5mm 5mm 5mm

Galvanized Accessories shows:


Galvanized water storage tank Advantages:

1. It is not easy to deformation .

2. Strong vibration resistance

3. Resistance to impact large

4. Enamel water tank is cleaning and hygiene,White and beautiful.Ensure no pollution to water quality

5. Composite plate assembly at the scene.Convenient, quick and flexible and adaptable

6. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance

7. No leaking , sealed performance is good.

8. Storage of hot water is better than other water tank .

9. Enamel water tank level off is smooth, easy to clean.

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