Galvanized Steel Storage Water Tank

Glavanized steel water tank/ hot dipped galvanized steel water storage tank is made of electric galvanized steel panels or hot dipped galvanized steel panels which is mould panels. The major advantage is  anti-rusted, non-leakage, long durable time, good hear preservation and easy to clean. It is widely used in hotel, school, hospital and coal mine enterprise.

galvanized water tank project 1

Item name 

Electric galvanized steel water tank/ Hot dipped galvanized steel water tank


Sheet Molding galvanized steel panel

Reinforcing material


Basic Materia

Galvanized steel panel, hot dipped galvanized steel panel

Auxiliary Material

Gel coat resin, firming agent

accelerating agent and abrasive material.


Tensile strength (Mpa): >70

Bending strength (Mpa): >100

Barcol hardness (Mpa): ‰¥60

Flexural modulus (Mpa): > 5900

Water absorption: <1.0%

Fiberglass content: <25


Water tank size 2.0*5.0*3.0 m, 2.0*2.0*10.0 m, 2.0*3.0*15 m, etc

Galvanized steel panel size: 1.0*1.0m, 1.0*0.5m, 0.5 m*0.5 m

Wall board thickness: 5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm etc


15-5000 m³


1. Leak-proof : Due to the material is fiberglass reinforce plastic with high density, adding the sealing tape is high performance with non toxic, so it’s leak-proof tank.

2.Long lifetime: Our  water tank with maximum distortion of the sidewall is less than 1 percent of the height, maximum distortion of the bottom center is less than 10 mm. The normal durable lifetime is more or less 30 years.



Our water tank is widely used in factory, Enterprises, government, hotel, motel, restaurant, residence as storage facility. Also use it as equipment in drinking water treatment and fire water supply.

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