SMC FRP GRP fibre water storage tanks


SMC(FRP,GRP) Water Storage Tank
What is SMC material?(SMC tank also called FRP,GRP tank)
1. Sheet Molding Compound is a fiber-reinforced material, which consists primarily of a thermosetting resin glass fiber.
2. SMC is a high tech material that is used in the manufacturing process in most of our products ranges.
3. The advantage of SMC include, high impact compressive, flexural and tensile strength along with temperature stability.
4. SMC has low profile, low shrink for excellent surface appearance and painting. It’s color pigmentable and has excellent
chemical and electrical resistance varied to provide insulation, conductivity or anti static properties.

The major advantage is light weight, anti-rusted, non-leakage, long durable time and easy to clean. It is widely used in hotel, school, hospital and coal mine enterprise.

SMC GRP storage Water Tank , is the name of the system in which high volumes of liquids (200000 liter, 300000 liter etc) can be stored. Panel water tank can be assembled in averywhere outdoors or indoors because it is delivered in unassembled form and it is assembled on field.

Main superiorites of Panel water  tank are its being corrosion resistant, 4 seasons heat insulation, high impact resistance, water tightness, high volumetric tonnage and long life. Karmod is the correct address for SMC  panel Tanks.

Technical data for SMC FRP water tank:

Material GRP/FRP/SMC
Size 1x1m, 1×0.5m, 0.5×0.5m
Panel Shape Ball shape
Thickness 4-16mm
Remarks Thickness Tolerance: ±0.2mm
Volume From 1m3 to 1000m3
COLOR White,Blue,and so on
SMC water tank physical

and chemical properties

ensile strength (Mpa)?60
Bending strength (Mpa)?100
Bending modulus (Gpa)?7.0
Pap hardness?60
Bibulous rate,%?1.0
Glass fiber content,%?25
Leakage No leakage after filled with water
Full of water deformation Filled with water, wall maximum deformation after no more than 1.0%

of the tank bottom center height, no more than 10 mm maximum deformation

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