Specification of Galvanized Steel Water Tanks 

The hot dipped galvanized steel water tank is defers to the GB code 92SS177 manufactured new type water tank. The manufacture and the installment of tank have no influence of the construction. There are not needed the welding apparatus, the surface is hot dipped galvanize antiseptic treatment. It’s artistic durable, prevents two times pollution to water quality and it beneficial to human health. The water tank meets the construction product standardization, the serration and the factorization request.

Galvanized Steel Combined Welding Water Tank is punched by Q235A into 1220mm*1220mm or 1000mm*1000mm and 1000mm*500mm, 500mm*500mm standard plates, drilling around, after HDG treatment, assembly at site. When combined, the gap between two standard plates is sealed by silicon pad, connected by bolts.

Galvanized steel water tank

Specification parameter:

High pressed galvanized drinking water storage tank/ Portable Drinking Water Tank1.22m gavalized panel

Factory workshop and packing:

our factoryfactorygalvanized water tank panelwater tank panels


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